Koozies for Birthday party: To get a cool feeling

cheers_to_30_yearsYou know that birthday parties really hold a great importance in the lives of the people. The best thing is that you could see that hardcore party lovers do like to have beer as a part of their lives .In addition to this, you should also see that most of the people do like to enjoy the utmost level by holding a beer can in their hands. In the context, you should definitely be exulted when you use the Koozies for birthday party. Well it is a wonderful feeling because in this you can simply keep your beer cool. The best thing is that it always keeps the beer cool in the container while your hand remains warm too.

Features that you would get:

  • Well you should enjoy various kinds of the features, which are like if you want the company can also do any kind of the artworks or screen-printing as well. You can get these done from the local people or else from the special graphic expert.
  • You could get the koozies for the different types of the occasion, which include the small business, wedding parties, boaters etc. Apart from these, they also offer you the designs personally made to make you happy. In addition to this, the best part is that you could get at the best possible price no need to ponder over the price at all.
  • Moreover, you would also feel great to know that they also have the Camouflage form of the custom koozies.

Things to know more about the koozies:

You should definitely get in touch with those who have already used the product because it is mind blowing. The next thing is that you should see that you could directly mail them by providing your artwork. They will use up that to provide you the best work indeed. Now it is your time to try it once for sure. In order to get the privilege of using it you need t log on to their web page where you will come across the samples of the beer lovers. You can also pen down your name, information, dates and other details so that you can use it conveniently. For your assurance you will also get the proof of your mail as well. Therefore, now make up your mind to call them and use their service.

The different phases of a koozie


Custom Koozies for Wedding – the Perfect Wedding Decor


wedding_koozieThe day of wedding holds a great importance in our life. In fact, it is the day when all your dreams come true. Apart from the decorations and lighting, one thing that demands the real attention is the food and beverages. Being a host, it is your duty to make out things lined up in the best way. In order, to make the reception more memorable you should definitely use the canned beer and the best thing is that your name will be inscribed on that. This will make your guests remember your wedding day forever

Features to look for on custom Koozies:

  • Material: I have found the neoprene works the best
  • Printing: choose from either 1 color to full color
  • Type: bottle, can, foam, collapsible?



Happy Birthday Koozies


Love this koozie which are perfect for birthday parties or pub crawls!

Added another Koozie To My Collection!


Custom Halloween Koozies

Custom Halloween Koozies
Got these great custom koozies for Halloween this year! can’t wait to hand these out at the party next month

Market and Stay Fashionable

If you own an e commerce site you would surely know what it means to be marketable. Whether you are selling products or providing different kinds of services, your business need to stay ahead of the competition so you will be easily noticed by your market. Most marketing experts also recommend that site owners and business owners stay “fashionable.” This basically means that every information in their websites, blog sites or money sites must not just be informative but are also updated, trendy and suitable for the target market. So how does one stay fashionable despite a tight competition between businesses? Here are some tips:

  1. Read sites similar to yours and find out how these sites manage to tick. You can check your site’s standings or conversions through the use of online tools and see how important it is so keep your site updated and competitive.
  2. You may also want to keep with the latest news about your niche and the only way to get the most updated and freshest news is to create an email alert. Depending on your email subscription, there are different ways that you can subscribe to email alerts for the topics that concerns your niche. Be sure to include all the topics that will affect your products and your services right away.
  3. Spend time in evaluating your products or services. Take customer satisfaction surveys seriously and take time to learn about what ticks and what clicks to your customers. You will find that when you consider customer opinions in making new products and developing your services, you will be able to successfully create the best products that will be appreciated by your customers.
  4. Another way to stay fashionable is to find time to improve your site. This means an overhaul of the content as well as improving the usability of your site. You may start by improving your home page together with all other pages of your site. Your contact page must also be updated with the correct phone number, business address and email contact details. Review your site from top to bottom and update any outdated information.

Ten Rules To Follow When Shopping

keep-calmShopping is a fun thing to do, especially if you have a lot of money. However, for some who are out of budget, shopping is not at all fun. That’s because they worry too much about spending too much money. Below are some tips to save a lot of money while shopping.

  1. Make a shopping list. One shopping advice that you should follow is that you’re not allowed to buy anything unless it’s on your list.
  2. Only bring the amount of money you need. You won’t be able to spend so much money if you don’t have it.
  3. Always compare the prices of the items you want to buy. If one is expensive, choose the cheaper one. But then again, don’t sacrifice the quality of the item you’re going to buy.
  4. When shopping for clothes, choose only the ones you need. Before you buy new clothes, ask yourself if you really need it or not.
  5. Don’t shop bored. If you feel bored, it’s not a good idea to head to the mall. You might end up purchasing stuff you hardly need.
  6. When in doubt, leave. If you’re unsure if you’ll buy the item or not, the best thing that you should do is to leave the store at once.
  7. Look for cheap deals online. When shopping online, look for great shopping deals that can help you save money.
  8. Try not to be tempted with sales. Often, shoppers will grab items because they’re on sale. If you don’t really need it, don’t buy it even if it’s very cheap.
  9. Shop out of season. If you want to buy cheap bikinis, buy them during the winter season.
  10. Go to thrift stores. You can find so many cheap items there.

These are just ten of the tips that will help you save lots of money when shopping. You won’t have to worry anymore even if you’re on a tight budget.

My Religion = Shopping


Tips on Finishing Projects You Started

Do you ever think when you are going to finish your knitting? Or how about the kids’ play house out back? Or when will you ever have the time to organize your closet? Simple projects like these may sometimes be very hard to do. Most of us sometimes start and then halfway quit without knowing that we will never be able to finish these projects at all. I do this at cozy’s place all the time with blog posts. If you are like these then here are some tips on finishing projects you started:

  1. Sit down and find out what unfinished project you would like to start on. Have a small notebook and write these projects down. Grab a calendar and plot the date when you would like to finish your work. Taking things in a more organized manner will help you finish your work as quickly as possible.
  2. Start with the easy projects first before you tackle larger and more complicated ones. Sort out what you wrote in your notebook and then try to fix the easiest ones. Easy unfinished projects may be done in a day or during a weekend and this will certainly increase personal satisfaction and pride which can fuel you to do more complicated unfinished projects.
  3. One way to finish unfinished projects is to have someone finish the project with you. Aside from an extra hand for complicated projects, a friend or a family member will keep you company so you won’t lose track of your goals. You may also joke around, tell stories and invent games as you finish your task. You won’t even notice how time flies by and how you are through with your project when you have someone to keep you company.
  4. Music will keep you on track. Most people agree that listening to music could be motivating and is very rewarding afterwards. Listen to fast beats and familiar tunes so you can sing along.
  5. Reward yourself at the end. When you think of the reward waiting for you at the end, chances are you will find the chore easier to do. You will be able to finish and receive your prize in no time at all.